AutoLocker Station

AutoLocker stations provide 24 hour issue and return access to high value oversize, calibrated and durable items in solenoid activated lockers with a simple to use keypad or touchscreen interface. Individual lockers are available in eight different sizes that can be mixed and matched according to the application. Lockers come with windows and are powder-coated white inside providing visual access to the items inside.

The lockers can be programmed to deny access to any gage that has exceeded its calibration threshold. Calibration recall can be based upon the first occurrence of a calibration date, number of days on the floor and the number of cycles it has run. Optional features include the addition of network connections and AC power outlets. This allows users to keep laptop PCs updated and charged up in a secure “check out” and “check in” environment.

  • Available sizes (in inches):

    *  12h x 12w x 12d

    *  6h x 12w x 12d

    *  6h x 12w x 24d

    *  7h x 18w x 18d

    *  18h x 18w x 18d

    *  36h x 6w x 24d

    *  24h x 24w x 24d

    *  36h x 36w x 36d

  • Four language keypad; English, Spanish, German & French
  • Optional magnetic swipe and proximity card input
  • Complete serialized calibration control
  • Complete lot control
  • F.O.D. (Foreign Object & Debris) control
  • Access control by item, budget, job and employee shift
  • Receives advanced ship notices (ASN) via EDI
  • Interface with many popular ERP systems (SAP, JDE, Baan, etc…)