With this passive RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) system, your employees walk into a secure caged area, crib or store room to obtain tools, MRO items, safety products, or any indirect material used to keep your facility going. The system provides 100% accountability for the issue & return of these items without the assistance on an attendant.

RFID technology now makes this possible. Your employees don’t have to scan, dispense or concern themselves with any aspect of retrieving items other than carrying them in or out through the port.

As employees enter the doorway, their badge is read from wherever they are carrying it on their person using the RFID antennae. Their name sounds off audibly and the door is unlocked, given they have permission to enter the crib.

Now they enter to retrieve their items, which have passive RFID tags affixed to them. The employee gathers all the desired items and they press the exit button to unlock the door and walk back through the IntelliPort which records the transaction for each item as they walk away. All transactions are recorded real-time in the AutoCrib software using RFID technology.