Remote Dispensing Station

Remote Dispensing Station
  • 60 bins in standard configuration, expandable to 70 bins
  • Bins are easily adjustable to suit changing needs
  • Helix/coils contain between 40 & 4 item per bin, depending upon size
  • Virtually no maintenance required
  • Simple flush mounted integrated keypad interface
  • Four language keypad; English, Spanish, German & French
  • Recessed and protected barcode scanner
  • Optional magnetic swipe and proximity card input
  • Return bin for dull tools & packaging
  • Integrated UPS (battery backup)
  • Complete serialized calibration control (with optional lockers attached)
  • Complete lot control
  • Force the use of recondition items over new
  • “Virtual Kit” dispense with single command
  • F.O.D. (Foreign Object & Debris) control
  • Access control by item, budget, job and employee shift
  • Receives advanced ship notices (ASN) via EDI
  • Interface with many popular ERP systems (SAP, JDE, Baan, etc…)
  • Can be web enabled for use with