Integrated Supply

Integrated Supply

US Tool Provides customized product and process management solutions for our metal
working and manufacturing customers.

Customized Solutions for Optimized Results

US Tool is a leading Integrated Supply partner to the aerospace, defense and metalworking industries for the planning, procurement, warehousing, management and point of use delivery of cutting tools, abrasives, and other tool crib and MRO items. As a “Pure Integrator,” we represent our customers in the marketplace, providing products and services to meet their specific needs with a focus on reduced costs and improved productivity.

For cutting tools, US Tool provides the unique ability to supply new tooling from most major and specialty manufacturers as well as special aerospace cutting tools that we manufacturer or modify. Combined with the largest cutting tool reconditioning service in the industry, US Tool offers a unique vertically integrated cutting tool solution. Supported by our proprietary Cutting Tool Manager software, US Tool offers an unparalleled capability to manage cutting tools throughout their life cycle from “new to dull to sharp again.” The Cutting Tool Manager solution produces significant cost savings resulting from increased reground tool utilization, reduced cost per use and decreased inventory requirements.

In addition to supplying cutting tools, US Tool is a leading provider of coated and bonded abrasives, hand tools, power tools, safety products, aircraft specialty products, chemicals and other production consumable/MRO items.

US Tool offers customized solutions and financial business models, including a management fee/no mark up approach where program costs are supported by a program fee that is fixed for the term of the agreement. In the management fee model, program material is delivered at US Tool’s net delivered cost. In a typical management fee program, the support costs are significantly less (as a percentage of spend) compared to other Integrated Supply and Distributor programs where a traditional mark up is used.

US Tool’s Integrated Supply programs often include on site tool crib management and staffing, industrial vending, tool presetting, incoming cutting tool inspection, power tool repair, customer print management, FOD control and point of use kitting and other popular services.

Complete Management of Indirect Product Spend

Tool Crib Staffing/Management

Cutting Tool Reconditioning

Industrial Vending Machines

Foam Cutting/Laser Etching

Power Tool Repair

Final Cutting Tool Inspection

Cutting Tool Presetting

Technical Support

Value Added Services