Value Added Solutions

Value Added Solutions

US Tool offers a variety of specialized product and service solutions to bring additional value to our customers.  These value added solutions include:


kitting_2US Tool provides customer specific kitting capabilities to support assembly, production and aftermarket kits for tools and parts. Whether in custom fitted reusable boxes, shrink-wrapped boxes or other innovative packages, US Tool can meet any customer requirement.

Foam Cutting/FOD Control Toolboxes

SS_toolsUS Tool supplies turnkey team toolbox programs including laser-etched tools, foam cut drawers and customer prescribed drawer layouts.  US Tool represents most major hand/power tool manufacturers and most toolbox suppliers.  This flexibility allows US Tool to offer a solution that is tailored to a customer specific requirement.

Power Tool Repair

repairUS Tool offers a complete repair and refurbishment capability for pneumatic tools. US Tool can service virtually any make and model. From the simplest end grinder to complicated peck feed drills for the aerospace industry, US Tool has industry-trained technicians to supply a dependable and competitive reconditioning service for your portable tools.

Among the tools commonly repaired:

  • Pistol Grip Drills
  • Straight and Right Angle Grinders
  • Screwdrivers
  • Positive Feed Drills
  • Peck Feed Drills
  • Rivet Guns
  • Compression Squeezers
  • Hi-Lok Guns
  • Torque Guns

Tools to be repaired can be returned along with dull cutting tools in our supplied shipping boxes or shipped separately. US Tool will repair and return the portable tools, along with any replaced parts, accompanied by a description of the repair.

Temporary Aircraft Fastener Reconditioning

US Tool offers a complete reconditioning and management program for aircraft temporary fasteners (also known as skin clamp runners or “clecos”).  This service includes:

  • Sorting broken or unusable clecos by type and size
  • Storage in sorted state until needed by customer
  • Cleaning, repair, and sizing/marking to customer specifications
  • Shipment to customer when needed
  • Reporting of all inventory and activity on website secure Client Area


Clecos to be reconditioned can be returned along with dull cutting tools in our supplied shipping boxes or shipped separately.

Reconditioned clecos can be marked and returned with color-coded caps and/or packaged by size and type.  This unique service returns expensive clecos to like new condition at a fraction of the cost of new fasteners.

Custom Machined Parts

US Tool provides an in house capability to provide short run machine parts, air tool parts and other jig and fixture components.  This service is especially valuable in emergency situations when a quick turnaround on low quantities is needed.  Simply send us a print, drawing or description and we will provide a quote for your special part.

Laser Etching

Laser Etching
US Tool provides in house laser etching of cutting tools to identify customer identification numbers and specifications.

Carbide/HSS Tool Recycling

Carbide/HSS Tool Recycling US Tool provides recycling services for Carbide and HSS cutting tools, wear parts and machining sludge. Simply collect the scrap, return to the US Tool service center and we will process the material and pay you within a few days of your shipment, based on the current market cost per pound for each material weight received.

Gage Calibration Management

ss_cageUS Tool’s AutoCrib software provides an outstanding gage management module to allow us to manage a customer’s gages or other durable tools and forward to the selected customer source for calibration.


micro_stopAs an extension to our power tool repair capabilities, US Tool also refurbishes Microstop Cages. In this process we receive and sort by size and manufacturer. We disassemble and inspect for damage and operability, clean, black dip and replace internal worn components (including bearings, bushings, and lubrication). The refurbished Microstop Cages are returned to service at a fraction of the cost of a new cage.


Through a strategic partnership with Carbide Tool Service, US Tool provides cutting tool holder repair and rebuilding services.

In addition to providing our boxes for the collection of dull cutting tools, US Tool’s customers can also place damaged or worn tool holders into the same box.  US Tool will forward your tool holders to Carbide Tool Services and present you with a quote before the work is performed.



ss_tool_inspectionUS Tool provides contract cutting tool inspection services to insure that cutting tools manufactured by other suppliers are built to the customer’s specifications.


This program provides a unique solution for customers who desire to have specific slow moving cutting tool items set aside in the regrinding process until usage for that item is reestablished.

In this program, all dull tools are sorted with only the high usage items being reground and returned to the customer. Low usage items are kept in a dull state until needed again and then they are reground…a true Just In Time program. In some cases, the resharpened tools are also kept at US Tool and we manage both dull and sharp inventory for the customer.


ss_c_clamp_repairUS Tool will clean and repair various models and styles of C-Clamps to return the clamps to “new” condition.





ss_special_tool_manufacturingUS Tool provides special tool manufacturing services for threaded shank and other adapted tools, double margin step drills and other products built specifically to our customer’s specifications. US Tool’s Product Engineering Group will build cutting tools to a customer’s requirements, even in small quantities. US Tool will also modify a customer’s existing tools to satisfy current geometry requirement.

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